Project TEMBO

Who We Are

TEMBO is a Canadian charitable organization supporting women and girls in northern Tanzania.

For many people in northern Tanzania, providing an education for their children is a ‘luxury’ they simply cannot afford. TEMBO raises money to provide sponsorship for girls and young women to attend secondary, vocational and teacher training programs. We also raise funds to provide academic enrichment programs for girls that make academic success a real possibility. Girl at Oltepsi

In the Maasai culture, women have limited rights and very few opportunities for employment outside of the home. Many women want to send their children to school but do not have the funds to do so. TEMBO has raised start-up funds for a micro business program to lend money to women in Longido for projects such as raising goats for milk and meat; raising chickens and selling eggs in the village; and producing and marketing handcrafted beadwork. In Kimokouwa and Oldorko Village the situation is different. People live a traditional Maasai lifestyle. Micro-finance loans do not work in these settings because there are no markets for buying or selling goods. As a result, TEMBO funds have been used to begin goat projects to provide income for the women and milk for their families.


TEMBO also raises funds to support Learning in Longido (LIL), a joint project with Longido District to deliver informal education programs to the entire community. One of the major responsibilities of LIL is to manage the Longido District Learning Centre.


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